The Year of Connection: What It Means for Polaris Libraries

bill_head_shotPretend for a moment you have just been given a puzzle. You look at the front of the box, considering all the pieces within that will form the final picture. It may be difficult to complete and you may need to ask others for help, but in the back of your mind you are always aware of what the puzzle will look like once all the pieces are in place.

In terms of the library, the picture on the box represents your greatest vision for what your library can become. But without the right pieces, your vision fails.

This year, Polaris is designating 2014 as the Year of Connection. How does your library connect to your community? Your data? Your patrons? Or even your staff? We are taking a synergistic approach to our products in order to demonstrate how they can truly benefit your library. Simply stated, the concept of synergy is to be mutually advantageous. When two people come together, the results are greater than what the individual output.

At Polaris, we believe it to be true not only for people, but for libraries and the community. We want to help librarians transform their vision into a reality, where our software becomes the puzzle pieces for building your success. Through our software, we can connect:

Your past with your present.

Everyone should be knowledgeable of where they come from. Yet, historical documents and images aren’t always shared. By preserving historical documents and images digitally, generations to come can be as proud of your community as you are today.

Your community organizations with passionate community members.

What role does your library play in reflecting and sustaining your community? As a central resource for many people, some who don’t have access to a computer or Internet connection, it’s important to provide as much information on your community as possible. This includes local organizations who can benefit from the exposure, strengthening the community’s bond.

Your library data with your desire for more detailed information and solutions.

Libraries aren’t “one size fits all” and you should be able to connect to the data that’s most important to your library. While you encourage your patrons to be creative within the library doors, we want you to enjoy that same level of creativity with our software and third party products.

Your staff with your patrons.

Libraries are considered a non-judgment zone, where questions are highly encouraged. But what if a patron has a question in the stacks, or on another level of the library than where your computer is located? Now is your chance to become an embedded librarian, where you’re no longer restricted to helping patrons from behind a desk.

The Year of Connection is our holistic approach to demonstrating how all our products fit together and connecting them to every facet of the modern library.

Stop for a moment and assess whether you have all you need to carry out your vision. If you find out the picture on the box may be more difficult than you originally thought, remember we love puzzles too.


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  1. Melissa Hymel January 10, 2014 at 10:59 am #

    Nice. Now I think to be an excellent time for us to sit down and visualize. Do you want to send us a “mapper” for our vision?

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