The Polaris App Challenge

Do you have a cool idea for an app that helps people enjoy the library more? What about an app that would make librarians‘ jobs significantly easier throughout the day?

Tablet PC with cloud of application icons flying arround

Polaris is looking for participants who appreciate the value of libraries and have an exciting app idea that libraries across the country would love to have! 

No, you don’t need a coding background to enter – the Polaris App Challenge is an “idea-based” contest that includes screen mock-up designs and a 1-2 page written explanation  about the features and benefits of the app! Your app can be for web, desktop or mobile device and should be library-oriented in concept!

Click here for the Polaris App Challenge Official Rules!

Registration is now open! Sign up today to participate in the Polaris App Challenge and the chance to win up to $2,500!