One small step for mankind, one giant LEAP forward for librarians!

LEAP is truly disruptive technology at its finest.

Pardon the pun, but this new platform literally lets you LEAP out of your chair and take your staff client with you, everywhere and anywhere you may roam.  Checking a video out in the Community Room? Just pull out your tablet.  Reserving a plot in your community garden? If you have wifi and a browser you can loan out a plot and set up the next garden club meeting when you’re done.

LEAP is the latest in next generation technologies that will revolutionize the way you serve your patrons. Born in a time when the industry is fully adopting the mobile model, when the concept of a PC client and a remote desktop feels a little restrictive, Polaris made a decision to ADD mobility without removing the ability to work on a PC Client.  Because the Polaris ILS is a modular solution, our developers were able to add a layer of new functionality and user-friendly design without disturbing the underlying database and business logic. It’s pure genius!


  • LEAP is not a direct replacement for the current Polaris ILS. It was designed to do 80% of the functions that 80% of the patrons need in a mobile interface. New modules will eventually allow all workflow through the newly designed applications.
  • There is NO software to install.  Anyone with internet access can browse and work, engaging patrons from wherever you are located.
  • LEAP is designed to accommodate NEW workflows. It is not a direct replica of the current staff client.
  • You can always use the staff client as you do now.  LEAP adds new flexibility and mobility on top of the most feature-rich ILS available today.
  • LEAP is a way to maximize your investment in Polaris products and services by ensuring you can grow as technology changes become more important. LEAP’s modern architecture gives our clients a next generation platform for the next 10+ years of system use.
  • LEAP software will be upgraded automatically as server updates are performed. No staff client updates required!