Inventory Manager

Manage your inventory without handling a single book!

With the Polaris Inventory Manager, you can connect to your database for real-time status updates and discover whether an item is checked out or misshelved… right from the stacks!

This powerful, standalone inventory system gives you all the verification, reporting and statistical capabilities you need without all the climbing and heavy lifting. Update and run report in real time, as well as:

  • Download call number ranges of your collection for easy shelf comparison
  • Scan barcodes or view a list of items on shelves
  • Work in offline mode when out of wireless range
  • Use it as a collection weeding tool
  • Set alerts for items out of place or unaccounted for
  • Run reports to identify exceptions or out of place items
  • Use the Motion Tablet as an XP Workstation for non-inventory items

Get out from behind the desk and into the library stacks with the Polaris Inventory Manager! Contact us for more information!