Polaris Fusion

Polaris Fusion is a digital asset management (DAM) tool for your integrated library system. Digital resources become completely integrated into the catalog. When you take digital photos and scans of your archived  materials and artifacts, they become fully searchable items in the library catalog.



Freeing the Restricted Section: How does a collection of historical papers and artifacts help the community, if it has to stay “protected” by a box in the basement? Polaris Fusion is digital asset management that helps you manage historical documents and artifacts once you’ve converted them into digital formats. Just add metadata and your precious pieces of history become available on the PowerPAC.

Polaris Fusion

Features and Specs

Polaris Fusion

Polaris Fusion is DAM for librarians. With Polaris Fusion, you can:

  • Use a web client for data entry and administration
  • Create templates to make metadata entry simple for volunteers or non-cataloging staff
  • Control access to files based on patron code or registered library
  • Share images to catalog with content carousels

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