SimplyReports with optional Export Express

SimplyReports exposes the open architecture on which the Polaris Integrated Library System is built. It allows librarians to conduct complex data mining projects and customize reports into over 150,000 different configurations.

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Data is Knowledge is Power: SimplyReports is direct access to your data, available in easily customized and formatted reports. With more than 150,000 possible combinations of data, you can complete the most complex data mining tasks. There’s no need for SQL or Microsoft reporting training.


Features and Specs

Library Data
  • Generate reports regarding patrons, patron accounts, holds, items, bibliographic records, authorities, serials, fund accounts, orders and invoices
  • Configure export profiles and generate MARC files for bibliographic, authority, and holdings data.
  • Create customized reports build lists, aggregate and count data, and build statistical repositories
  • Use Export Express, an optional, licensed, add-on feature that will export bibliographic records in MARC, MARCXML, or Dublin Core formats.
  • Export Express can connect your database with LibraryThing,  and CollectionHQ


Getting to the heart of the issue: Elizabeth, the circulation supervisor at Pottersville Public Library, was putting together some reports to help justify the proposal for the annual budget review. The basic reports she’s always developed were concerning, showing dips in borrowing of materials and increases in outstanding patron fines and fees. But just knowing that numbers are down wasn’t enough—she wanted to show the board that she knows how to fix the problem. But she needed deeper data in order to identify the real problem.

She’s frustrated because it just doesn’t make sense. She knows the library is constantly collecting information and building its database. But how are you supposed to get to it?

Finding the solution is simple: Elizabeth added SimplyReports to the ILS, and now she’s working with staff to get to the root of the problem. Every time someone identifies a potential issue (or potential solution), a report is created. It’s simple, so every librarian can experiment and test ideas. Now they can identify trends down to the hour of the day, and schedule reports to run at regular intervals to monitor development. Everyone on staff is welcome to observe how changes are affecting outcomes.

Staff members simply check the types of data they’re interested in (patron info, bib records, invoices and orders, etc.), give it a time frame or specify a range of relevant statistics, and pick the format of the report (Excel, MS Word, or MARC file with Export Express). And voila! They’ve begun an experiment that could change the future of the library and the community.

SimplyReports from Polaris

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