Why Polaris

Is it the fully-functional yet highly flexible platform? The #1 rated customer service in the industry? The thought leadership that puts the patron first, helping libraries as they weather the ever-blowing winds of change?

When you ask Polaris customers, they’ll tell you that you don’t have to look deeply to see how different we are. It starts at the top with industry expert and Polaris President, Bill Schickling, and it extends to through the whole team of Account Managers, Implementation Specialists, Programmers, Marketing and more. ┬áThis is a smart, funny, and humble team of people who come to the office to do what they love. It’s owned and operated by employees — one of the last in the industry to be independent.

The Polaris team has a maniacal focus on providing the best platform, the best support and the best user experience because we hire the best people — and we let them do their jobs. At Polaris, everyone is empowered to serve our customers as we believe they are part of our extended family. We work side by side to meet challenges — partnering with you to help you exceed your goals being an embedded librarian in your community.

With a rock-solid ILS, and tools that help you connect to whatever data sources you need, we are the defacto system of choice for  librarians who are in the know. In fact, many of our newest clients have worked with us across their careers, bringing Polaris in when they become Directors.

But don’t trust our words. Ask around. Call our clients. We encourage you to learn more about us and to help us learn more about you. ┬áThere is always room at the table for a new family member!